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Disneyland At Christmas 2002

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Disneyland at Christmas!
It is a beautiful time to see the parks, all decorated. But it was a busier time than usual. We weren't able to do all that we wanted to. Lines to Pirates were always long and also Indiana Jones.

This trip we met up with Lori and her daughter Tamarin for the first 21/2 days. Then Sinda, Tom, Jason, Holly, Isaiah, Micah and Josiah arrived for the next 6 days. It was very cold and rained a couple of days. Disneyland was pretty crowded most of the time, our last day there, a Friday, was less crowded than any of the others. DCA wasn't too bad, most rides were a walk on or very short lines.

We didn't use a travel agency for this trip. Not that we ever do. We used our own brains and planned. That is most of the fun. I have searched the internet for cheap room rates. Read reviews of motels/hotels. Plus we are lucky enough to have been before so we know if we want to stay close or not. If you aren't close you have to rely on the shuttles. If you stay close you can walk back and forth which is much faster, plus easier for quick trips back to the motel/hotel.
When we stayed at The Marriott we had to depend on their trolley, which was kind of fun. But at times it would be full or you would worry about getting a seat or it wouldn't be ready to leave when you are. Strollers on the trolley are another issue. But over all it was ok and we never had any complaints. But when you were ready to leave Disneyland you had to wait for them. This way when right across the street, you come and go when you want.



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