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Disneyland At Christmas 2002

Disneyland at Christmas 2004 Trip Report

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Disneyland Jan/Feb 2004
Disneyland at Christmas 2004 Trip Report
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Disneyland 2004 Character Pictures
Disneyland Jan/Feb 2004 Trip Report

Annual Family Trip to Disneyland
December 2004

Friday the 3rd
Tina, John and I left home at 2:20am for Disneyland.
Traffic wasn't bad until LA, even then it was stop and go for awhile, but not nearly as bad as the last trip.
Arrived at Howard Johnson's at 9:30am. Room was ready so went in and dropped off our stuff.
Howard Johnson's was $59 a night. Only stayed here to try it out. The room was a home office suite. It had two queen beds, nice comforters. The bathroom was small but had a sink inside and out. We had a fridge, microwave. We also had a great balcony from which we could see the fireworks from bed. I really liked that. The walk to the park wasn't bad because I was so glad to be out of the car from the long trip. I could have never made it the last few days of our trip so not sure if I will ever stay here again. It was a nice stay though, quiet and the room was great. Staff was great, left 2 waters and trail mix along with a message welcoming us.
Lori called to say she was delayed, took a wrong turn.
Headed to Disneyland, stopped at Denny's first for breakfast, was very good and only $6. I think we did Indiana first, Tina's first time riding it. She liked it.
We did other rides and walked around until 2pm when we split up. I did Lincoln while waiting for Lori, this gives me chills every time. I went to go meet Lori at the baggage check. Not only was she delayed from the wrong turn she found out that ART doesn't run from 12:30pm to 2pm. She offered to walk to Disneyland but I thought it would be better to wait, long walk.
She got there around 2:15pm and off to Disneyland we went. Everything is a blur so hard to remember what we did. We did DCA and took a tour of The Grand going up to the 5th floor to a balcony that overlooked DCA. Came out at DTD and had a pretzel, Lori had a cinnamon Apple one and it was delicious, I had a plain one with extra salt and cheese. I know we left at one point to take ART to Target so I could get some needed things. ART dropped us off across the street and we had to walk to Target. We also had dinner at Los Sanchez (delicious). I barely ate my dinner so I took it along with some of Lori's home. (Then left it in the motel fridge when checking out) I wasn't feeling so great and I was tired from not sleeping much the night before and the long trip down so we went back to our rooms. She was staying at Holiday Inn on Manchester, long ways from my hotel. I went to bed and watched the fireworks from bed. I took the ART back instead of walking that far alone.
Saturday the 4th
I packed up and left Howard Johnsons at 7am and drove to Park Place Inn and checked in. No room ready until after 3pm, but I was able to pay and check in. John and Tina stayed behind gathering their stuff. I only brought in an overnight bag, they brought in everything. I also forgot to pack pj's in my bag so ended up sleeping in my clothes.
I then walked to Disneyland ticket boothes to buy tickets for Jason's friends, luckily there were no lines. I then walked back to PPI and waited for Jason and friends to arrive so I could give them the tickets. Met them in the lobby and they headed to Disneyland. Waited for Lori to pick me up. She was going to pick up John and Tina and their luggage for me so I wouldn't lose my parking place, it was full there. So she picked me up and we went to get them. Had to stuff their luggage in and them, she had her trunk full I guess. So we took them to PPI and we unloaded their stuff into my car and they were off to Disneyland to meet up with Jason and family and friends (which they never ended up getting a hold of...) and we were off to Ruby's at Huntington Beach and Knott's.
We got to the pier and lots of surfers out but the ocean was very calm. We saw Sea Lions and Seals out in the water. I went to tape but my camera battery was dead, I had charged it up before leaving home, I thought...
 Ruby's was great as usual. I had the cinnamon roll french toast combo. Lori had the same. We ate and walked back along the pier. I had to stop at the parking garage bathroom, luckily it was very clean. We then drove along the coast for awhile and headed to Knott's. Along the way we saw Forest Lawn Cemetary and thinking there were stars buried there we stopped and looked for awhile never finding any. Guess there is more than one Forest Lawn.
We then found Knott's but finding the parking lot wasn't easy, took you in circles. Finally found it and it was raining lightly and we had to walk aways to the entrance. Before finding Knott's we had to stop so I could buy a $10 toy to get in free. I forgot mine at the motel.
Got in and looked around, it was very crowded. Rode one ride, the Mine Train. Lori wanted to ride the train but the line was too long for me, I still wasn't feeling very well. It was fun looking in all of the shops. Saw the man in the jail. Lori wanted to do the old time pictures but I was on a budget this trip and already I was behind after buying the toy, so I had to pass. They did look really fun though, maybe next time. Thought we would eat at Mrs. Knott's but the line was unbelievable. I bought Sinda a bear and Ryan a Sassparilla drink. We did a lot of walking here with little resting. So we decided to go back to Disney to eat. We were going to meet up with John and Tina but they had already eaten.
Checked into motel, got my keys and unloaded car. John and Tina showed up so they unloaded and gave them their key. We headed to Tony Roma's. Got Lori a parking pass so she could park at my motel and we walked to Tony Roma's. There was a little bit of a wait. Dinner was good, but there seemed to be more bratty kids than usual here. The waitress even complained. Parents weren't much better. Way too much food so I ended up taking my dinner home.
After dinner I watched the kids and Lori seeing enough kids during the day decided to go back to her room instead of staying and visiting. I watched the kids from 9pm to 12:30am. They all fell asleep and so did I a few times. The rooms were connected, Jason's and mine so I went to mine to turn on the air before going to bed as it was hot in there. When I came in to go to bed it was off so I figured Tina or John got cold. To bed around 12:30am.
Sunday the 5th
This morning Tina asked if I turned off the air, she got hot. So we figured out it wasn't working. Called the front desk and they sent someone right away. He had to take the whole unit out and replace it. It worked again.
Tina realized she forgot her pillow at Hojo's so she called them and they said she had to call back on Monday.
This morning we had decided to do Rive Belle for breakfast as it might not be open again and Lori liked it last trip. Well there was a long line and it was cold and raining. By the time we got our food and sat down food was cold. I tripped but didn't lose any of my food, oj fell but was ok. It was an expensive breakfast, $15 because I added potatoes and oj. The line was at least 30 minutes long with both sides open. Never seen it like that.
We ate and rode.. hard to remember what. I know we did Pooh, Indiana, the train, Star Tours, Pirates. Sinda and Tom got there around noon so we met up with them and Jason and family went back to the motel to eat lunch. John and Tina left us. We all planned to meet up at 6pm. Sinda, Tom, Lori and I rode some more (Rockets, IASWH, and then took the Monorail to DTD and went to Rain Forest for lunch. After lunch we cut through The Grand to go to DCA. We did Soaring, TOT. We must have done DCA the first Friday also because I did TOT for the first time along with Lori, freaked me out really bad. I didn't think I would ever get on it again. But I did this day and it was still freaky but not as bad.
After DCA Sinda and Tom left to go check in and Lori and I went back to Disneyland so she could finish up her shopping before leaving and we wanted to do Lincoln but it was closed. Candlelight was canceled this day because of rain so people who spent money on dinner for it were out of luck, no refunds.
Lori left around 6:15pm. Jason and all of us met up at Redd Rockets for dinner. I had a kids meal ravioli as I wasn't that hungry. We had, John, Tina, Me, Jason, Holly, Isaiah, Micah, Josiah, Sinda and Tom.
After dinner we did HISTA, kids had been watching the preshow while we ate. Jason, Holly and Isaiah and Micah all did IASWH while Sinda, Tom, Josiah and I waited. We kept watching the lights as it looked like snow coming from them but it was a light mist that looked like snow when the light hit it, I guess...
I left when Holly and the kids left to go back to the motel. I was tired. The rest stayed and rode a lot of rides with no lines.
I was out as soon as I went to bed.
Monday the 6th
Sinda, Tom and I went to Rain Forest for breakfast. We were going to meet everyone at 10:30 at Disneyland. The Rain Forest was packed and phones wouldn't get out so we kept missing Jason's calls and he missed ours. So we were late getting to Disneyland. Jason wanted us to save a place in line for the Snow White show so we walked back to Disneyland stopping for Sinda to buy some J Lo sunglasses. We got in and took the train to the Toontown station, got in line and Jason, Holly and kids met us there. Got seats close to the stage. Show was good, kids enjoyed it. After the show we went back to Toontown where the kids played while Sinda taped them. We did Roger Rabbit's Cartoon spin. Isaiah and I together, Sinda, Jason and Micah.
Next we went and got Fastpasses for Autopia. I volunteered to stay behind with the stroller. While waiting for the Fastpass time we watched Club Buzz show, Josiah's favorite. Sinda and I had Funnel Cakes while watching. Next they all did Autopia except me and Holly. It was very cold this day. We were cold waiting for them. Then we went to Innoventions where Jason got to try out a Segway and all of us got to talk to Stitch and have our picture taken by him. It was so much fun, I wish we had gotten it on tape, very funny. 
Tuesday the 7th
Had the free breakfast, pastries, bagel and juice before heading to DCA.
Wednesday the 8th
Jason and family's last day today.
Thursday the 9th
Friday the 10th
Got up and was at Disneyland by 9:30, long lines in baggage check and for Disneyland. It was warm too. Did Riverbelle for breakfast, not nearly as crowded this time. Food was good, hot. There were so many people here this day. We did Splash and I got a little wet. The lines were way too long for any other rides. We tried to get a fastpass for Indiana for Jason and even that line was crazy. Happened to meet up with John and Tina by Pirates and we all left for DTD. It was hot, in the 80's and Sinda had on thermals and a sweater. We had ice cream at Hagen Daz and John and Tina had Jamba Juices, they were coming down with something, not feeling well. We went our seperate ways. We ended up going to the Disneyland Hotel to look around. Walked through the waterfalls and then back to DTD to Compass books to have something cold to drink in the shade. I had an ice tea and Sinda and Tom shared a coffee drink. It was a nice cool spot and the tea was soo good. I got extra ice as it was a little strong and we rested awhile.
We then headed back to Disneyland to do Innoventions. Tina had told us of a place where you see yourself older and we wanted to try it. We did that for awhile, I looked the same... It was supposed to e mail you a pic but it never did. Looked around Innoventions awhile. Then went and got a corn dog from the red cart and sat and people watched. Even got treated to live music in front of us. I went to Coke Corner to get us drinks. The ride board said lines were 60 minutes some places, the crowd was something else, Main street was packed. We did the horse and she (driver) had to stop and ask people to get out of her way and there was a CM clearing the path and she was so hot and red faced. We rode the bus back down Main Street. I am sure they stopped Main Street vehicles after this because of the crowd.
We decided to go back to the room for awhile. John and Tina showed back up, they had been to the movies. After resting Sinda, Tom and I headed back to DCA. It was even crowded there. We did Alladin, Tom deciding to take the stairs. Just about did me in. My heart was pounding and I could barely breathe, like over 100 steps. The seats weren't worth it either but the show was good as usual. We got a fastpass for TOT for Jason, too long of a line to ride it. Went to the bakery to have sandwhiches for dinner. I had roast beef and Sinda had turkey. Mine was good but she didn't care for hers. She was mad at Tom because she told him to buy desert and of all of the beautiful deserts he chose a star cookie, hahaha. She said she had half of one of those back at the motel. We then went to get a fastpass for Soaring but they had the machines closed. We walked though the Grizzley trail watching to see if anyone got wet from the geyser. Then headed towards Paradise Pier. Stopped so Tom could ride the Orange Stinger. The stairs had killed my hip so it was really painful to stand and wait for him. It doesn't bother me to walk but hurts to stand in one place. Headed through Paradise Pier, stopped to watch Sreamin, it had been shut down and had just opened back up. People were running to get in line. I didn't do Screamin this trip, last trip I didn't care for it so it wasn't on my list this time. On our way our MSEP was starting. We made it across the street to go out just in time. Stopped so Tom could tape some of it, it's a cute parade. Headed out of the park and back to the motel. Decided we would head home at 8am. I had packed most of my stuff up the night before (thursday). I did not think I would make it back to the motel on this last day. I was so worn out.
Saturday the 10th
Had the free breakfast, pastries, bagel and juice before heading home. Left PPI at 7:50 am. Had a 4 car wreck on Hwy5 just outside of Anaheim so some traffic for awhile, not too bad though. Just off the grapevine we hit fog, sometimes pretty bad. Made it home at 3pm. Glad to be home safely. Thanked God for a fun and safe trip.

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