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Disneyland At Christmas 2002


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Disneyland Jan/Feb 2004 Trip Report

Our Favorite Rides at Disneyland and DCA.


Disneyland Must Do List...
  1. Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion
  2. Pirates Of The Caribbean
  3. Indiana Jones
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  5. Space Mountain
  6. Splash Mountain
  7. Peter Pan's Flight
  8. Star Tours
  9. Disneyland Railroad
  10. Jungle Cruise

Jason's Top Ten List For Disneyland & Disney California Adventures

  1. Space Mountain
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Soaring Over California
  4. California Screaming
  5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  6. Splash Mountain
  7. Pirates Of The Caribbean
  8. Grizzly River Run
  9. Muppet's In 3D
  10. Jungle Cruise

Carrie's Top Ten List for Disneyland

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- at night
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Pirates Of The Caribbean
  4. Space Mountain
  5. Splash Mountain
  6. Gadget's Go Coaster
  7. Haunted Mansion
  8. Monorail
  9. Matterhorn
  10. Disneyland Railroad

DCA California Screaming

Jason and Micah getting ready to go up on Dumbo

Sinda coming out of the slide at DCA's Redwood Creek Challenge

Holly, Sinda and Joaish on Dumbo

Isaiah driving on Autopia

Josiah in Minnie's house

Sign inside It's A Small World Holiday

Lori in front of It's A Small World

Micah and Sinda on the Astro Orbitor
Micah and Sinda on the Astro Orbitor

Holly, Jason and kids on Casey Jr. Train

Ryan and Tamarin in from of the DCA Sunwheel and Maliboomer

Jason playing in Minnie's house

Josiah likes the slide

Ryan and Tamarin on Grizzly
Ryan and Tamarin on Grizzly River Run

Carrie's Top Ten List for DCA

  1. California Screaming
  2. Soaring Over California
  3. SunWheel
  4. It's Tough To Be A Bug
  5. Grizzly River Run
  6. Moholland Drive
  7. Redwood Creek Challenge
  8. Fliks Fun Fair
  9. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  10. Muppet 3D

I have only been to DCA once, before it opened to the public, during a preview. The park was packed and I wasn't feeling too well so I left everyone and went back to the Hotel. I did do Soarin' Over California, Grizzly River Run, California Dreams, Superstar Limo, It's Tough To Be A Bug and The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

December 2002 Reviews

California Screaming. Lots of fun, not in the rain though, it stings when the rain hits your face, very painful. Lori did it also but she didn't realize it goes upside down until after she had said she would ride. So I imagine that was her first and last time on Screaming.

Soarin' Over California. GREAT, I love this ride. I had forgotten alot about it. It was Lori's favorite ride also. I sat in the second row for every viewing, almost the same seats.

Muppets. Well I did it twice, that was enough for me, but Jason and the kids just LOVED it.

It's Tough To Be A Bug. I forgot how many things come at you during this show. I startle so easily, I kept my eyes shut through most of it. But it is a great show.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Very fun show. I never did get into the top ten, of course I was cheating and copying Lori, hahaha. She was good though and knew all of the answers. Just not fast enough I guess.

Grizzly River Run. The first time when me and Lori rode it I was so worried about getting wet I didn't enjoy it much. The second time when me, Tom and Sinda rode it in the pouring down rain I was already soaked so it didn't matter and it was very fun. We did seem to get wetter than usual. We were on it with a dad and his daughter and they didn't even have ponchos or coats on and they were soaked. But they sure were having a good time, they went on it over and over.

The Sunwheel. Gee, what can I say? The first time I rode it, the stationary one, it made my knees so weak and I wanted off. I couldn't look. The second time I rode the stationary one it was much better, I could actually look. Of course I had ridden the swinging one in between and the stationary one was much milder after that. Sinda did not like the Sunwheel. She wanted off! That was on the stationary one. I rode the swinging one with Lori, Tamarin, and Ryan. Oh my! I thought we were going to fly off out into the park when I decided to look once. Very scary. Monday night when it rained so hard, Jason, Tom & Ryan all went on the swinging one while Sinda and I went on the stationary one. They ended getting off  way before us. I guess during one of those swinging out times Jason decided to look. That was all it took and he had to get off and back to the motel before he, uh, puked. Tom was glad he was wearing his poncho, just in case, hahaha.

Moholland Drive. This was the first time we had rode this. Me, Tom and Sinda rode in the rain. This was after Jason had to leave and Ryan had gone with him. This was a fun ride, some fun drops and it looks like you might go off the track. We rode it again with Ryan with us, it does hurt though on the turns, it throws you against the side of the car, sharp turns. But I liked it, fun ride.

Redwood Creek Challenge. I guess I missed some of this the first trip. Walking across those nets is not easy. Get a good work out, especially when carrying a camera and trying to tape. Very fun though and a good place where the kids can run around and get worn out. I let Jason tape one day and Josiah (2 yrs old) really loved this place. I was worn out just watching him, and Jason chasing him.

Flik's Fun Fair. The kids loved this place. It is a small area with 4 rides in a circle with a water thingy in the middle. So you can line up for the first ride and just go to the next one and the next. Very cute place and nice rides.



Trolley Family
Trolley Family

Isaiah and Micah at Tarzan's Treehouse

Tom and Sinda on the Canoes. First time after all of these years that any of us has rode these.

Isaiah and Jason on the Astro Orbitor
Isaiah and Jason on the Astro Orbitor

Sinda and Josiah on the Train

Kids with Tom inside the Dumbo thingy

The Club Buzz Show
The Club Buzz Show

Tom saluting
Tom saluting

Isaiah on the Train

Treasure Island
Isaiah really enjoyed looking at these window displays each day

Tamarin and Ryan
Tamarin and Ryan getting ready to be shot up and dropped