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Disneyland At Christmas 2002

It's nice to escape...

We're back!
Great trip, very busy at the parks!

Group Picture

Disneyland at Christmas, it is by far the best time to see the park!
  • Small World Holiday
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion
  • Believe Fireworks
  • Snow on Main Street
  • Christmas Carolers
  • Christmas Tamales, yummy
  • Decorating Christmas Cookies
  • Main Street Christmas Tree
  • Merriest Place On Earth!

We'll use this site to share the experience with everyone.
We hoped to stay within walking distance of the park. First choice would be Park Place Inn but it has gotten alittle expensive.
We decided to stay at Park Vue Inn for all 9 nights of our trip. They are right at the crosswalk to the Disneyland Entrance. Jason has stayed here and says it is clean and nice large room. The price is very good, Thurs-55, Fri-55, Sat-59, Sun-55, Mon-55, Tues-55, Weds-55, Thurs-55, and Fri-64- a night during our stay.
We spend very little time at the motel, spending all of our time at Disneyland and now at DCA.
Jason and Holly will have three kids with them so it will be a close walk back to the motel for naps or a change of clothes.
Continental breakfast is also included in the price.
 Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures!


More to come...

Walt's Speech

Micah, Isaiah and Josiah in front of the castle

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If you don't see me much in any of these pictures it is because I took most of them.