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Ocean Trips of 2002
Point Arena Lighthouse
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Point Arena Lighthouse
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Point Arena Lighthouse
We took a tour of this, 6 flights of stairs.

Spiral stairway to the Point Arena Lighthouse
See Sinda coming down the stairs? Tom was the first one up. I had to stop and rest going up.

Dad and Sammie in the Lighthouse museum.
Dad and Sammie in the Lighthouse museum, I took this to get Abner in the picture.

I liked this tree too, so I took a picture of it.

Foggy walk
You can see how foggy it was when we took this stroll to the ocean/lighthouse

Tree we saw when walking to see the lighthouse
Tree we passed along our walk.

Dad and Sammie
Dad and Sammie standing by the ocean

Sinda and Tom
Sinda and Tom standing by the ocean

Rollerville Junction
This is where we camped. They have the best breakfast! They also rent cabins.

Dad sitting in the motor home
Waiting to go to breakfast

Dad cleaning the windshield
Oops, large bug hit the windshield!

Sinda and Tom
Sinda and Tom in the campground. It was their anniversary, 26? years.

Tom wishing it was his motorhome.

Lunch, Tom's truck and camper and SInda
This is where we had lunch at Noyo Harbor

Boats at Noyo Harbor
Boats at Noyo Harbor, had this picture on my desktop for awhile.

Dad, Sammie, Me, Sinda and Tom on this trip.
We had been driving most of the day. We didn't think we needed reservations this late in the year (September 2002). So we tried MacKerricher and some others.
We ended up at this little rv/park/campground called Rollerville Junction. It was just down the road from the Point Arena Lighthouse. It was also the closest you could get to Hawaii, as a crow flies anyways. They had the best breakfast at their little cafe.
So after finally getting somewhere and eating we decided to go for a walk down this road to the ocean/lighthouse.
What a walk it was, 1 1/2 miles we walked and never got to the lighthouse. It was dark when we were coming back and very foggy. See the trees we passed? I thought they looked neat.
What an adventure that was!