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John & Sammie's Wedding


Jason signing
Jason signing the marriage certificate.

The ceremony started out with "Keeper Of The Stars" playing, sung by Teresa (Bride's Granddaughter) while everyone assembled and got seated and as the Flower Girls (Micah, Krista, Ashlee) came out dropping their petals as they walked up the aisle. 
As the Ring Bearers (Isaiah & Joshua) began to go out for their walk Barbara noticed Joshua's ring was no longer tied to the pillow. It was found lying on the floor. So she took the ring and sent them out, Joshua with no ring on the pillow, so he goes up, upset cause he doesn't have a ring and dad (Groom) looks at the pillow wondering just where the ring is. So they have to be signaled that we do have the ring.
Then it was time for us Bridesmaids to make the walk. I went first, followed by Sinda, Donna and Barbara. We took our places behind the Flower Girls.
Already up there was Rob (Groom's son/Best Man), The Groom(John/Dad) Mike (Bride's Great Grandson) and Jason.
Once we were all up there Holly started The Bridal March Music and out came Sammie accompanied by Ken (Bride's Grandson in law) and Randy (Bride's Grandson in law).
Once she was up and next to John (Groom) Ken and Randy took their places by Rob, Mike.
The Flower Girls went ahead and took seats and the Ring Bearers handed over their rings to Rob (Groom's son/Best Man) and Barbara (Bride's Daughter/Bridesmaid) and also were seated.
Once Jason asked "Who gives this couple to be married?" we stated "We, their familes do." and then all of us except Barbara and Rob were seated.
Jason talked about love and what it means and that it isn't to be taken lightly.
To be continued...
Let me know if I left something out or listed it wrong.

The Facts

Information about the ceremony:

Location: Sammie's Backyard in Manteca, Ca.
Date: May 17, 2003
Time: 5:00 PM
Who Officiated: Jason Malott, grandson of the groom.
Songs Played: Keeper Of The Stars, Cherish The Treasure, I Cross My Heart
Weather: Perfect

Rob signing
Rob signing the marriage certificate

I'll drink to that!
I'll drink to that!

Before the ceremony someone placed this pig sign under the arches