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Member's Of The Wedding
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John & Sammie's Wedding


Groom's Side
  • Best Man: Rob (Son)
  • Bridesmaid: Sinda (Daughter)
  • Bridesmaid: Carrie (Daughter)
  • Ring Bearer: Isaiah (Great Grandson)
  • Flower Girl: Micah (Great Granddaughter)


  • Performing The Ceremony: Jason (Groom's Great Grandson)
  • Wedding Planner: B Lo (Bride's Daughter Barbara)
  • Wedding Cake: Leslee (Bride's Granddaughter)
  • Guestbook: Lisa (Bride's Granddaughter)
  • Food Coordinator: Donna (Brides Daughter)
  • "Cherish The Treasure" sung by Terry (Bride's Son in law)
  • "Cross My Heart" & "Keeper Of The Stars" sung by Teresa (Bride's Granddaughter)
  • Music Coordinator: Holly (Grooms Daughter in law)
  • Flower Girls & Carrie's Hair Stylist: Leslee (Bride's Granddaughter) & assistant Vickie (Close Friend of the Family) 
  • Professional Photographer: Kahl Photography
  • Unprofessional Photography: All of us

Rob, dad, Sammie, Sinda, me
Rob, dad, Sammie, Sinda, me

Carrie & Jason
Carrie & Jason

Tom & Sinda
Tom & Sinda

Josiah practicing for his opening number

Bride's Side
  • Attendant: Randy (Grandson In Law)
  • Attendant: Ken (Grandson In Law)
  • Attendant: Mike (Great Grandson)
  • Bridesmaid: Barbara (Daughter)
  • Bridesmaid: Donna (Daughter)
  • Ring Bearer: Joshua (Great Grandson)
  • Flower Girl: Krista (Great Granddaughter)
  • Flower Girl: Ashlee (Great Granddaughter)

Dad, Sammie with Jason who married them
Dad, Sammie with Jason who married them.

Sinda, Donna, John, Rob, Sammie, Carrie & Barbara
One Big Happy Family

Donna, dad, Sammie, Barbara
Donna, John, Sammie, Barbara

Sinda and Barbara
Sinda and Barbara

Donna & Carrie
Donna & Carrie

Kids in the wedding party
Kids in the wedding party