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John & Sammie's Wedding
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Announcing the marriage of...

John & Sammie Crosno
The wedding was held in Sammie's backyard on Saturday May 17, 2003 at 5 pm. The weather was perfect, the wind died down just before the ceremony began.
Jason (Groom's great grandson) was able to get a one day permit to perform the ceremony, uniting them in marriage.
Barbara (Sammie's daughter) made all of the decorations, she had a plan and Sinda and I came down on Friday to help set it all up. Also helping set up was Ken (Sammie's grandson in law, married to Lisa) and our dad the groom.
Along with setting up the backyard we also re-arranged and set up the family room for the cake, gift table, guestbook table, and all of the food that we prepared. Lisa also helped out after a long day of work.
It turned out beautiful as you will see from all of the pictures.
Barbara did a great job designing and decorating. She made all of the flower girls baskets, hair pieces, ring bearer's pillows, bridesmaids flowers, her mom's flowers attatched to her bible, just an amazing job, and I am sure I am leaving something out she made. Everything was so beautiful.
Leslee (Sammie's granddaughter) made the cake and it was not only beautiful it was delicious, she also handmade the party favors which were personalized with their names and the date of their wedding.
Lisa (Sammie's granddaughter) did the guestbook and she came up with the idea of having everyone write their wishes for them both instead of just signing that they were here, leaving spaces at the back of the book for pictures.
Donna (Sammie's daughter) did a lot of the food and it was all great!
Sinda, Holly and I did the meat, cheese trays. Tortilla roll ups which everyone had fun eating the ends we didn't use on them. We did argue about whether or not green onions belonged and I have to say I was right, sort of... they belonged in the mix, not sprinkled on, but they were delicious! Trudee was a big help in doing the veggie tray and she must have washed every dirty dish, not so sure she made it out of the kitchen for the ceremony, she was such a big help.
Holly (John's granddaughter in law) was kind enough to coordinate the music, quite a job as it was confusing at first as to which song would be played and when. And it was perfect.
Everyone pitched in and contributed in some way and made it a very special day for them both.
Neither of them had ever had a real wedding, this was a first for them both.
It was a very happy day for us all.
Our families blended so well, it was like we had known each other forever and all of the kids had a great time.
We were asked by the professional photographer to not take pictures during the ceremony, so unfortunately you won't find any pictures of the acutal ceremony here.
We do have lots of pictures by everyone else before and after the ceremony!

John, Jason and Sammie after the ceremony
John, Jason and Sammie after the ceremony

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