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~Carrie Ann's Family~
My baby girl, Amber May
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Dad, mom, Carrie, Rob and Sinda 1960's.

Sinda, Rob and Carrie

Sinda, Rob and Carrie. Not sure of the year, but maybe 1967?

Mandy and Bradley's son, Braden 4 1/2 years old.

Dad and Sammie

My dad and Sammie were married on May 17, 2003. Sammie has 2 daughters, Barbara and Donna, along with their children and their children, so our family is growing and we are very excited about this.

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Mom and Dad; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Dad and Mom, where it all started...


Summer of 2000.
Grandma passed away on January 15, 2004.
She was loved by many and will be missed.

Me and Amber

Me and the little girl I loved so much!
Amber May. My baby. I was so blessed to  have had her with me for over 7 years. And one day we will meet again, along with my mom & grandma. They are all together now.

Jason and Holly's kids, Micah, Josiah and Isaiah, 2008

Isaiah, Micah, Josiah &Braden. August 2009

Priscilla the Pig.
Priscilla the pig passed away peacefully on April 29, 2008 at 7 pm. Believe she was around 17 years

SInda and I with mom in September 1962

A little history...

My mom and dad had 3 children, me (Carrie), Sinda and Rob. Sinda was born April 19, 1959. I was born June 12, 1960. Rob was born August 5, 1961.
So every 14 months my mom had a new baby. Which meant she was pregnant almost three years straight. I think...
Sinda is married to Tom. They married in 1977 and they have 3 boys, Jason (1978), Ryan (1981) and Bradley (1984).
Jason is married to Holly. They were married in 1995 and they have 3 children, Isaiah (1996), Micah (1997) and Josiah (2000).
Bradley is married to Mandy. They were married in 2003 and they have one child, Braden (2003).
Ryan is single and no children.
I am single and had a baby girl, Amber May (1990), who passed away in April of 1998.
My brother Rob  has 3 children, John (1979), Brandon (1981) and Stacia (1984).
John is single and has no children.
Brandon was married to Carolyn (2001). They have two boys, Brandon Jr. (2002) and John John (2006) .
Stacia is single and has three boys, Christian (2003), Jared (2006?) and Arian (2007) and one sweet little girl Alexis (2009).
Our mom passed away February 5, 1996. Right after her very first great grandchild Isaiah was born. She was looking forward to this birth, she loved kids. He was born a month early. So she got to see him and hold him before passing away.
Our dad re-married in 2003 to Sammie, who we love dearly. We are very fortunate to have her in our lives.

You Tube Family Video Page