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Ocean Trips of 2002
Ocean Photo Album
Ocean Photo Album
Point Arena Lighthouse
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The ocean was beautiful. Large pounding waves crashing to shore.


Ryan and Bradley

Ryan and Bradley



Almost as much fun as the rides at Disneyland. Sitting on the shore, lifting your legs up as the waves crash below your chair. Feels like they are going to carry you out to sea. Tom was much braver than Sinda and I.

Ocean Rides

The Story.........

I decided to go to bed. Sinda decided to wait up for Mike and Ryan who were down at the ocean. They came back and I heard her say "It must be Carrie snoring". I said, "I'm not even alseep yet". Then I guess Mike got the flashlight and looked around my tent cause she had heard growling.
I woke up later in the night hearing  "POP" sounds. I'm a chicken. I thought about the sniper and wondered if he had made his way to the campgrounds. So I sat there awake and then heard this strange snorting, gurgling, growling sound. I yelled at Ryan asking if he heard it too. He had and was awake too, who wouldn't be after my yelling. I yelled for Sinda to have Tom come out, so she came out. She didn't see anything but I wasn't taking any chances. I grabbed my sleeping bag and pillow and ran to the cab of their truck. Bradley was awake by now and was saying it was by his tent. I sat in the truck looking awhile and never saw anything, then fell asleep.
The pictures below show what was in the camp site when I woke up.
Ryan later told me that the "POP" that I heard was the ocean as the waves hit the rocks, said it makes a pop, pop sound.

Who knows?

Raccoon Prints?

Mike and Ryan look at what was left by their tent.

Mountain Lion? Raccoons? Bears? Left by other campers? No idea!


Sinda with the ocean in the background. She took one of me too. It is right below. The ocean looked better without me in it, so I took myself out.

Me with the ocean in the background

I was in this very picture, but the ocean looked much better than I did, so I took myself out. Look at those waves. I could just sit there and watch it forever.

Squirrel eating a cracker

This squirrel walked up the boardwalk, took a cracker out of his cheek and started eating it with us standing there watching and taking pictures.

Sinda standing where we were exploring tide pools.

Crab in the tide pool, large enough to eat!

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