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Disneyland At Christmas 2002

Disneyland Jan/Feb 2004

Disneyland 2004

This trip to Disneyland didn't go exactly as planned but was still a great trip.

At first there were lots of us going, Jason and his family, Sinda and her family. Due to circumstances it dwindled down to only three of us. Me, my nephew John and a co-worker/friend Tina.

We left home on January 31 at 11 am and arrived at Anaheim at 8 pm.
We left Anaheim on February 7 at 4:45 am and arrived home at 11:45 am.

We stayed at the Desert Inn & Suites for $49.00 a night.

Spent one day at Universal Studios and one day at Hunnington Beach.

Had a great time, ready to go again.

Disneyland Jan/Feb 2004 Trip Report